Lapping, polishing, and grinding (aka diamond sawing) are three processes by which material is removed from a substrate to produce a desired dimension, surface or edge finish, flatness, parallelism, and/or shape as key preparation process before beginning fabrication of a RF/microwave IC or semiconductor. The process of lapping, polishing, and grinding substrates can be applied to a [...] Read More
Grinding, lapping, and polishing are machining techniques that refine a substrate to exact dimensions and tolerances for optimal circuit metallization during both thick and thin film technology procedures. Because the “as-fired”, or as delivered, condition of ceramic, fused silica, or titanate substrates are most often imperfect (wavy, pitted, bumpy, varied in thickness), one or more of [...] Read More
Typically, the end application and technology requirements dictate the optimal surface finish and thickness tolerance. If the application requires a surface finish greater than what can be achieved with grinding, the next steps are lapping then polishing (if needed). Common applications where the additional precision of the surface finish and thickness are more critical are high frequency RF and microwave, [...] Read More

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