Frozen Epoxy Pre-forms

Frozen Epoxy Pre-forms

Accumet is a preferred stocking supplier and processing center for a variety of high-performance frozen epoxies from Ablestik, Emerson & Cuming, and Henkel. And we are one of the few suppliers that offer low minimum requirements on any frozen epoxy pre-form order.

The most popular frozen epoxy we supply, Henkel | Loctite Ablestik  (aka Ablefilm) 5025E, is a silver-filled, unsupported epoxy adhesive film, designed to provide very thin, uniform bond lines. (See table below to download a data sheet PDF.) Henkel Ablestik 5025E performance is ideal for microwave and heat sink applications. In bonding microwave substrates into packages, it provides RF/EMI shielding. Its high thermal conductivity is desirable for bonding “hot” devices onto heat sinks in applications where electrical insulation is not required. The 5025E series has excellent electrical and thermal conductivity, is electrically conductive in x, y, z axes, and exhibits very low squeeze-out during bonding. The typical cure schedule is only 30 minutes at 150°C.

Accumet's frozen epoxy pre-forms can be professionally supplied to be ready to use, as we are experts in laser cutting and drilling all materials to incredibly tight tolerances. All of our frozen epoxy pre-forms are stocked and supplied from one or both of our service centers in Westford, MA and Hudson, MA. We ship throughout the US, and we will work with you hands-on from prototyping to full production runs, to ensure you get the most optimally prepared pre-form - every time. 

MaterialThicknesses Available CuringShelf Life - Typical SL @ 50% from NotedThermal Conductivity
ECF561E Henkel/Ablestik
.004heat cured 1 hour @150°C1 Year maintained at -40°C 121°C, W/(m-K) = 1.6
550K Henkel/Ablestik
.006heat cured 1/2 hour @150°C1 Year maintained at -40°C121°C, W/mk = .8
5025E Henkel/Ablestik
.002heat cured 1/2 hour @150°C6 month maintained at 5°C121°C, W/mk = 6.5
CF3350 Henkel/Emerson Cuming
.002heat cured 1/2 hour @150°C9 months maintained at 5°CW/(m-K) = 7
5020K Henkel/Ablestik
.004heat cured 1 hour @150°C1 Year maintained at -40°C 121°C, W/(m-K) = 0.7

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