Laser Cut Metal Foils

Laser Cut Metals and Foils

Metal Foils Cut to Order: Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Foils Including Precious Metals

A natural, organic evolution to cutting laser foils occurred after decades of being the “go-to” supplier for many of our medical device, biotechnology, electronics, automotive, aerospace, and alternative energy customers. These customers already relied upon Accumet Engineering for their laser cutting, drilling, welding, and marking needs. But we knew we could be of service in other areas as well. We have constantly pioneered the next advancement in technology while always pushing our engineering staff to expand our capabilities. Years ago, during conversations with our customers, it became apparent that there was a need for an alternative to pricey chemical etching and traditional die cutting, stamping or punching when it came to shields, masks, mesh, shims or stencil applications. So, we procured more laser systems and established processes, procedures, and controls to provide our customers with the additional service of laser cutting both ferrous and non-ferrous brazing foils.

Accumet has the capability to laser cut foils ranging in thicknesses from .0003’’ to .005”. Not only can Accumet laser cut these foils with the utmost precision, we are also skilled in handling these delicate materials. The handling of these foils is a key element in delivering quality product and is not something to be taken lightly. We have the equipment and expertise in laser cutting thin foils and metal such as Tin, Nickel, Silver, Copper, Hastelloy, Invar, Inconel, Titanium, Nitinol , stainless steel, plastic, solder foils, and many more.

Benefits of laser cutting vs other methods (chemical etching, die cutting, or stamping):

  • • Laser cutting is less expensive than the other methods, especially chemical etching
  • • Laser cutting does not bear additional environmental costs or concerns that goes hand in hand with the chemical etching process
  • • There are no tooling charges or other high, up-front costs for custom jobs
  • • It is highly repeatable, fast, and provides excellent edge quality
  • • It allows for precision cutting of fine details and small holes, as there is no contact made between the laser and the material
  • • There is absolutely no tool wear thereby providing consistent, high quality cut edges

Simply put, the laser cutting process checks off all the boxes when it comes to machining foils.

Laser cutting thin materials achieves very tight tolerances over large areas of cutting.

Depending upon the thickness of the material, we can cut holes as small as .003’’ diameter and slit features as small as .002’’ (our kerf size). We can also handle high volume due to the number of lasers on our production floor. Have a large area design? No problem. Our laser tables can accommodate foils as long as 5 feet.

Why trust Accumet Engineering, Inc. with your laser cut metal foil needs?

From prototyping to long-term design-for-manufacturability of your particular project, we will support you every step of the way. Accumet is a 40-year manufacturing pioneer who understands the importance of repeatedly providing quality product to our valued customers. Our laser-focused commitment to technical excellence, customer service, quality product, and on-time delivery is how we have maintained our top standing as the most innovative, advanced materials processing manufacturer over the last four decades. We operate as a trusted engineering partner to help you design an exceptional product for manufacturing repeatability and long term reliability. In addition, we can create a flexible inventory plan for quick turnaround times or, we will simply machine inventory provided to Accumet. It’s all part of our commitment to be more than just a vendor. We offer partnership, excellent service, and a commitment to our customers' success.

We work hard to be the advanced materials manufacturing partner you can always trust to deliver the highest quality material, cost effectively on a timely basis.


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