Microwave Absorber Materials

Microwave Absorber Materials

Laser Cut Microwave Absorber In-Stock, Including ECCOSORB® from Emerson & Cuming

Accumet stocks and delivers custom laser cut microwave absorber material. One of our preferred brands is ECCOSORB® high loss microwave absorber from Emerson & Cuming. It is designed to attenuate electromagnetic interference by converting RF energy to heat.

Laser Cut Microwave Absorber Applications

Applications vary from free space to cavities, and so do the solutions. Free space applications include reducing reflectivity from a metal surface to building small test chambers, shaping antenna beams and antenna isolation. Cavity applications include reducing or eliminating cavity resonances, isolating components with insertion-loss-reducing harmonics, and terminating signals in waveguides.

We're located just north of Boston, Massachusetts in Westford, MA, and proudly service the entire US with many laser machining and secondary processing services. All of our materials are stocked in-house for optimal convenience.


Precision Processing of Advanced Materials:  Your Inventory. On Demand.

Precision Processing of Advanced Materials: Your Inventory. On Demand.

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