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Expert Laser Welding for Titanium, Aluminum and Metal Foils.

Expert Medical and Aerospace Laser Welding 

Our Laser Welding service leverages the extreme precision, non-contact capability of a fiber laser machine to provide clean and reliable fiber laser welding of even the most thin and fragile materials. Unlike TIG welding and other bonding techniques, laser welding with Accumet can be employed to join a wide range of materials and material combinations, including stainless steels, carbon steels, aluminum, titanium, various metal alloys, and plastics that we stock in-house. Hence, we're a viable, and even preferred, alternative to adhesive bonding, brazing, soldering, and TIG/EB/resistance/ultrasonic welding. Our laser welding provides the highest processing rates, more narrow and precision beads, and much less distortion on the workpiece compared to traditional welding and our laser welding competitors.

Moreover, our fiber laser welding team is capable of highly complicated joins, and even welding in small areas of complex 3D geometries, where other welding shops wouldn’t dare go.

How to Fiber Laser Welding Different Metals to Each Other (Including Stainless Steel and Aluminum)

A major challenge with most other welding methods and technologies is the joining of dissimilar metals, and even two pieces of some metals, such as aluminum and new alloys. Typically, welding methods other than fiber laser welding require substantial joint preparation and possibly filler metals to enable dissimilar metal welding. These techniques ultimately lead to the production of joint-weakening intermetallics, and present an expensive and complex process. This is not the case with fiber laser welding. Laser welding aluminum and laser welding stainless steel for example, when laser welding, the nature of the interaction of materials and the laser beam remove the need for most join preparation and filler metals, and enable many new options for dissimilar metal joining.

For more information, see The Best Way to Weld Steel and Aluminum Together is Fiber Laser Welding.

Laser Welding Clear and Diverse Plastics

Plastic welding is becoming extremely useful in medical and aerospace applications requiring highly consistent and reliable structures that are lightweight and chemically/environmentally resistant. There are specific plastics that lend themselves well to fiber laser welding under specific circumstances. Please inquire for more details.

High-Volume Laser Welding

Fiber laser welding, like other laser-machining methods, is a non-contact technology that has a limited, heat-affected zone (HAZ), which is why the technology is a preferred method for welding delicate products at high speeds. Laser welding is also a more repeatable and consistent process than other welding methods, and is capable of producing high-strength bonds without the need for filler material, flux, prepping, or secondary cleaning and finishing processes. Our Laser Welding service at high volumes has enabled many applications, such as energy storage with lithium ion batteries and implantable medical devices, to be manufactured in extreme scales, at much lower costs, with greater consistency, at greater speeds, and with much less waste and quality-control issues. Moreover, a laser welding manufacturing process is much more reliable than other welding technologies, as the latest laser-welding machines require little to no maintenance, and virtually no downtime.

How You Weld Matters In Medical and Aerospace Applications

Laser Welding leverages the extreme precision, non-contact capability of a laser machine to provide clean and reliable welding of even the most thin and fragile materials. Laser welding is used extensively in the medical, electronics, and aerospace industries, among others, to achieve the highest quality welds for economical, high-volume applications, as well as mission-critical and reliable subassembly and assembly manufacture. 

Application examples for laser welding include:

We're located just north of Boston, Massachusetts in Devens, MA, and proudly service the entire US with many laser machining and secondary processing services. All of our materials are stocked in-house for optimal convenience.



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The best way to weld steel and aluminum together is fiber laser welding

The best way to weld steel and aluminum together is fiber laser welding

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