Toshiba, Kyocera, Ceramtec, Corning, and Coorstek Ceramic Substrates
Accumet is an experienced and respected microelectronic materials supplier and proud to be a reseller and processing center for Toshiba®, Kyocera®, Ceramtec®, CoorsTek®, Corning®, and Dynasil® ceramic substrates and other materials. We offer stocking plans and processing services to meet your production schedules, and can deliver quick prototypes and samples to your [...] Read More
Introduction When we say the word absorbers, you can intuit its meaning from the "absorb" base of the word: absorbers absorb things. Think of sponges: they absorb water or other liquids. Absorbers in the RF/microwave world are used in a wide range of applications to absorb and thereby eliminate stray or unwanted radiation that could interfere with the operation of a system or device. Elements [...] Read More
Greg Sexton, president and CEO, sits down with Microwaves & RF to discuss Accumet's history, its many capabilities, and some of the challenges he is seeing going forward. Interview excerpt from Microwaves & RF: First, can you tell us a little about what Accumet does? "I’d like Accumet to be known as an advanced materials processing house—not just a laser [...] Read More
Advanced Materials Processing
As an advanced materials processing house and full-service precision laser machining, lapping and polishing center, we expertly process and stock all the critical inventory you need for your RF/microwave, microelectronics, areospace, defense, medical, dental, automotive, industrial material and marketing promotional needs. Download Capabilities Brochure   We are a 40 year [...] Read More
Accumet’s automated, computerized scribing and dicing service is a convenient, fast and economical way to subdivide a wide variety of substrate materials after customers have patterned or fully plated them. Using state-of-the-art equipment, we can scribe or dice rectangular or other shaped parts up to .150''-thick in geometries and as small as 0.005'' x 0.005''. Accuracy [...] Read More
laser services
Accumet's highly skilled, experienced, and knowledgeable laser machining staff are able to operate modern laser machining equipment and help customers who are new to laser machining, transitioning from traditional mechanical methods, or who are leveraging laser machining to provide cutting-edge products and services to their customers. Visit our Laser Cutting page to learn more or Get a Quote [...] Read More
Lapping, Polishing & Machining
Accumet has been providing lapping and polishing services for the most demanding applications for nearly half a century. Accumet expert technicians are able to offer an array of grinding, lapping, polishing, and machining services for pre-processing and post processing of most types of materials. Visit our Lapping and Polishing pages to learn more or Get a Quote today for any of your service needs. [...] Read More
Accumet is a key supplier to many dental and surgical tool manufacturers. We optimize the manufacturability of these tools during the prototype phases. We regularly work with designers at these companies during the design and prototype phase to optimize the manufacturability of these tools. Once prototypes have been approved we have the staff and capability to handle full scale production. We provide [...] Read More
Laser Processed Stainless Steel Tubes
Do you have an application that requires intricate patterns cut in a tube? Do you need tubes with holes through one side? From cutting patterns in titanium tubing for world class bicycles or rotary marking surgical instruments, Accumet can do it. We have capacity to cut, drill or mark from 10" in diameter down to a .050". Learn more about our services and how we can help you and contact [...] Read More
Matched Multi-Layered Materials
Accumet is your go-to resource for your microwave assemblies that utilize silicon rubber, reinforced silicon rubber, Teflon, RF absorber material, and frozen epoxy. We can provide these parts as separate items or in complete matched sets, pre-kitted for your assembly floor. We stock all of these materials to ensure fast lead times and lower costs. Contact our technical support team to get [...] Read More

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