Accumet Employee Spotlight: James Felix, Laser Welder
What is your position at Accumet? I am a Laser Welder.  Have you held any positions within Accumet other than laser welding? Yes, I've also worked in our lapping, polishing (pad and kiss), edge grinding and dicing departments. What do you like most about working at Accumet? I really enjoy helping others and I appreciate the opportunity to increase my skills and work on interesting [...] Read More
What do you like most about working at Accumet? I love the people the most. This includes my managers as well as my co-workers. I love how we consistently work together as a team with equal measures of collaboration and camaraderie to accelerate the manufacturing process for our customers. There is no dissension. We make it a point to share our expertise. This is because we all focus on the end-result, [...] Read More
Our latest spotlight is about Melida Aizpurua, Accumet’s talented and long serving Sales Manager. Our Employee Spotlights focus on the individuals who work hard to help Accumet innovate and accelerate the manufacturing process for our clients. What is your role at Accumet? I take pride in being a trusted advisor to our clients for over 20 years. As Sales Manager, I lead a wonderful [...] Read More

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