Extensive Materials Expertise for Custom Shapes, Adhesive Seals and Critical Components

Extensive Materials Expertise for Custom Shapes, Adhesive Seals and Critical Components

Typically, significant investments in materials and product designs have already been made before the product gets to us – so we know our part of the job must be done right every single time.

The application requests we receive are extremely diverse, but what we provide our customers is very consistent – quality products and on-time delivery. With 50 years of pioneering innovative manufacturing techniques, Accumet has amassed extensive knowledge about how materials react in certain conditions. Our highly skilled staff know their craft and can offer advice about anticipated yield loss, attainable surface finish, adhesive bonding stability, weld strength or many other factors to be considered with regards to manufacturability for your particular project.

Plus, we continually invest in new manufacturing technology and control processes which leads to faster production, higher quality and material savings that boost the bottom lines of our customers. Our investments don't stop there. We are constantly increasing our materials handling expertise too, to remain at the forefront of every advanced manufacturing and quality control technique. 

When product designers are weighing material choices and considering prototype development alternatives, Accumet’s material and process engineers are always available to offer guidance at every step of the way. Our experts can help bring designs to production with materials selection and production recommendations that are practical and economical. You can contact us with your application support questions at any time.

We offer very competitive pricing, flexible stocking plans using your materials or ours, with custom processing services to optimize the delivery of your particular project. Accumet’s advanced manufacturing expertise, and ISO9001:2015 and AS9100:2016 compliant processes and quality standards, make us an unparalleled “go to” supply chain partner for all of your advanced materials processing and manufacturing needs. Request a quote today. 

Check out our Ceramic Substrates available off the shelf and our well-stocked selection of Frozen Expoxy Preforms.


Critical Advanced Materials Processing

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