Laser Cut Kevlar, Teflon, Carbon Fiber and More

Laser Cut Kevlar Teflon Carbon Fiber

Looking to have some of your flat or cylindrical composite materials manufactured? Then Accumet can be an economical solution for a fast-turn quality product.

Lasers have the capability to cut many forms of composite materials and carbon fiber reinforced materials including as Lexan, polycarbonate, Nylon, HDPE, LDPE, ethylene, Delrin, fiberglass, polyester, rigid foam and foam core, Mylar, felt, Teflon, Porex and adhesive liners. Reinforced inserted materials including woven products like Kevlar and rip stop fabrics can be cut with a method that thermally seals the edges and eliminates fraying.

A variety of plastics, polymers, resins and can also be cut. This includes Medical grade and Food Contact Compliant materials as well as a variety of Engineering Thermoplastics. We can cut any durometer Silicone rubber, adhesive backed silicone sheet, reinforced silicone rubber sheet, fiber reinforced rubber sheet and EMI gasket material fast and repeatably to your exact specifications. Even soft materials such as Poron can be cut into intricate shapes.

Accumet utilizes both YAG and CO2 wavelengths, which have shown to cut many composites with good quality and excellent tolerance with little heat affected zone (HAZ). This technique lends itself to cutting intricate patterns that cannot be machined, die cut or molded.

Laser cutting also allows for much greater design freedom for your parts with the ability to cut intricate, complex patterns of virtually any size.

We're located just north of Boston, Massachusetts in Devens, MA, and proudly service the entire US with many laser machining and secondary processing services. All of our materials are stocked in-house for optimal convenience.


Precision Processing of Advanced Materials:  Your Inventory.                 In Stock. On Demand.

Precision Processing of Advanced Materials: Your Inventory. In Stock. On Demand.

Tech Brief Which Industrial Cutting Method is Right for You?

Tech Brief Helps in Deciding Which Industrial Cutting Method is Right for You

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