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Posted on Wednesday, August 28, 2019
We stock ceramic substrates, metals, foils, adhesives, and other materials to provide the highest total value to your supply chain.

As an advanced materials processing house and full-service precision laser machining, lapping and polishing center, we expertly process and stock all the critical inventory you need for your RF/microwave, microelectronics, aerospace, defense, medical, dental, automotive, industrial material and marketing promotional needs.


We are a 40 year proven manufacturing veteran and innovative supply chain partner who understands the importance of quality value-added materials processing with just-in-time delivery for all of your critical ceramic substrates, adhesives, frozen epoxies, metals, foils, plasticsEMI as well as microwave absorbers, stainless steel, and much more. We stock the very best brand names with low minimum order requirements. You'll never have to worry about material not being available or having to make a large minimum buy. Plus, we will develop an inventory control plan with volume flexibility so you can order precisely what you need when you need it.

We also offer engineering support to help you select the right material from prototyping to long-term design-for-manufacturability for your particular project. And we've added many new pieces of equipment for production, test and measurement to better serve you. It’s all part of our total commitment to quality service and being the partner you can always trust to deliver the highest quality materials and components right when you need them. 

We’ll ship orders as small as 10 pieces completely lapped, polished, cut, or drilled any way you like. Find out how Accumet can accelerate your next project with a proven advanced manufacturing approach that has quality, speed and reliability at it's core. Request a Quote.

Our stocked inventory includes:

Adhesive • Adhesive Preforms • Adhesive Tape • Solder Preforms

Kovar® • Mild Steel • Molybdenum • Nitinol
Stainless Steel • Steel • Superalloys • Tantalum Zircaloy

Ceramics • Alumina (90% - 99.9%) • Aluminum Nitride (AlN) 
Black Ceramic • Ceramics • Ferrite • Green Ceramic
LTCC / HTCC • Piezo Ceramic • Yttria Stabilized Zirconia

Kevlar® • Teflon®

Conductive Epoxy • Epoxy Preforms • Frozen Epoxy

Aerogel • Fused Silica • Glass

Duroid® • Flex Circuits • FR4 • G10, G11 • Garrolite

Aluminum • Bronze • Cobalt • Cold Rolled Steel • Germanium • Hardened Steel 
Hot Rolled Steel • Mild Steel • Molybdenum • Silver • Stainless Steel
Steel • Tantalum • Tungsten

Natural Materials
Mica • Paper/Cardboard • Quartz • Saphire 
Sillica • Sillicon • Wood

Nylon and Fabrics
Felt • Ripstop Nylon • Polyester
Rigid Foam • Foam Core • Carbon Fiber
Microwave Abosorber Materials ECCOSORB®

Acrylic • Lexan • Lucite • Mylar®  • Delrin
Plastics • Polycarbonate • Styrene

Flex Circuits • Hydrogel • Kapton® • Ethylene

Rubber • Durometer Silicone Rubber • Adhesive Backed Silicone
Reinforced Silicone Rubber • Fiber Reinforced Rubber

Thin Metals and Foils
Aluminum Foil • Brass Foil • Copper Foil 
Gold Foil • Molybdenum • Nickel Foil • Titanium Foil

To request engineering support or download helpful design guidelines and technical briefs, please visit our Support Page.

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