We're Hiring for Multiple Jobs in Hudson and Westford, MA

Posted on Friday, June 19, 2020
We're Hiring, Open Jobs

Every day brings a new challenge. Every day brings an opportunity to learn and grow. Every day brings another chance to make something great for our customers. We're looking for new people to join our team. 


Quality Assurance Technician (Hudson):


Looking for a quality assurance technician to join our team to conduct final inspections and inspections throughout the production process to ensure the quality of materials and finished products complies with customer requirements. Identify areas of improvement to increase efficiency.  Learn more about the requirements for the role. 



CNC Programmer (Westford)


We are looking for an experienced CNC Programmer to formulate programming and interact with operators and sales to optimize processes. A Qualified candidate is someone driven to make improvements, self-motivated, curious, flexible and collaborates well with others.   Read more about the job requirements and apply now



Production Floor Supervisor (Westford):  


We're looking for Production Floor Lead tol provide hands on support to 15 operators in Ceramics, Lasers and Metals.  You will be on the floor with the operators troubleshooting problems and ensuring that jobs get out the door in a timely manner. You will also work with maintenance to troubleshoot and fix machines.  Machine Shop Experience A MUST.  Learn more and apply here. 


Senior Laser Welder (Westford)


Primary responsibilities for the Senior Laser Welder will include, but not limited to -referencing and retrieving master programs for new jobs: the set up and utilization of CNC programs to control platform orientation and movement; downloading the programs into applicable controllers; running of different (CNC) computer numeric controlled production equipment within the Yag/Metals Department.  Learn more about the role and apply now.



Laser Maintenance Technician (Westford)


We're looking for a Maintenance Technician to maintain and troubleshoot equipment to support production, lead a preventative maintenance program and keep accurate maintenance records while constantly striving towards a goal of zero downtime.  If this sounds like a job you'd be interested in, learn more and apply here.



Laser CNC Machine Operator (Westford): 


We're looking for a Laser CNC Machine Operator to run different (CNC) computer numeric controlled equipment within the Marking Department.  The ability to set appropriate settings and make necessary marking adjustments; will be a big contribution in completing jobs satisfactorily.  Find out more about the role and apply now.



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Accumet is an industry leading advanced processing manufacturer and precision laser service provider with a proven production approach that has quality, speed and reliability at the core of everything we do. If you have a question about working at Accumet or our services, contact us today.


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