Quality Welding Is Not That Easy. With Years of Expertise It Can Be.

Posted on Friday, December 06, 2019
Laser Welding

Sometimes it’s a challenge to deal with projects that require welding design.


You will often see statements like “send us your design specifications, and we will produce the best welding for your project quickly.” Even for highly competent product designers and materials researchers, ensuring the most effect welding design specification can be quite complex. Industrial grade, quality welding is not that simple.


Our laser welding provides the high speed, high power, and high quality processing rates, very narrow and precise weld bead placements, and much less workpiece distortion compared to traditional welding and other laser welding providers. In addition, our highly skilled fiber laser welding team are able to perform highly complicated welds on small 3D geometries, and many other complex applications where other industrial welders wouldn’t dare go.


The top welding questions we receive are:
1.What type of welding equipment do you have available?
2. Are you certified?
3. What is your experience level and materials expertise?
4. What are your welding inspection or QA procedures?
5. What size welds are you able to make?
6. Have you completed welding work similar to my requirements?
7. Do you offer guarantees?


It is ok not to know all the answers for your particular application. We offer engineering support to product designers, researchers and production managers to help guide them through some important factors to consider when you design a product that requires welding.


In particular, we can advise about important variables such as:
• Base and filler material selection
• Metallurgy and weldability
• Joint resistance and fatigue life
• Regulatory specifications
• Durability and corrosion resistance
• Design for manufacturing repeatability
• Post weld treatments
• Weld distortion control
• Supply chain integration process
• Welding serialization


For additional information about welding metallurgy, joint design, and fatigue strength contact us. Read more here about ______________________


Production equipment innovation and manufacturing process improvements occur each and every day. Accumet has a team of engineers and welding experts who keep up with the latest materials engineering and production techniques to improve products, simplify production, and improve reliability. Armed with this expertise, our customers are able to innovate, outperform their competition and boost their bottom line.


Find out how Accumet can accelerate your next project with a proven advanced manufacturing approach that has quality, speed and reliability at its core. We look forward to becoming your trusted advanced materials and precision laser services manufacturing partner, today! Request a Quote.

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