Laser Cutting of Medical Adhesives and Tapes From 3M and More

Posted on Monday, September 19, 2022

Industrial adhesives are the ideal choice for high-performance medical applications. However, modifying adhesive stock sizes to meet custom packages and design requirements can be challenging. 

When cutting industrial and high-performance adhesives to size, it’s all about holding tolerances and creating pristine cut edges while maintaining a high yield. Here at Accumet Engineering, we have 26 different lasers that offer absolute precision, speed, repeatability, and material processing diversity.

Why Laser Cut Adhesives?

Whether in sheet or roll form, adhesive, epoxy, bonding film, and tape stock are quickly and easily transformed into any shape or profile by laser cutting. Single-sided or double-sided adhesives with, or without, protective liners are quickly and easily cut with our laser system.

Adhesives can be silicone, acrylic, rubber, or a hybrid of some sort. They can be frozen or room-temperature. We know our customers have many options and may select adhesives for a variety of reasons such as, environmental, thermal, cure, bond strength, chemical resistance, or electrical properties. 

All these different materials react differently to different laser systems and profiles. Experience and production flexibility is necessary to process these diverse and sensitive materials. At Accumet, we have over 50 years of experience cutting the most challenging and diverse materials. We also have many different laser systems to call upon.

Why Should I Consider Accumet?

Accumet’s manufacturing floor is optimized for low-volume prototype runs to high-volume production volumes. No matter the order size, all our production runs are handled with extreme care and precision. Quality product delivered on-time is our mission. Our laser cut adhesives and tape preforms do not require expensive, customized tooling. Not only is this a time and cost-savings benefit, but this also eliminates any quality issues that may otherwise be attributed to tooling wear and adhesive build up. 

With laser cutting there is no fixturing or dies, no smearing of the adhesive, and you can achieve the tightest tolerances available. Our processes, our experience, and our equipment, combined with our ISO 9001:2015 and AS9100:2016 quality management systems, assures the first adhesive preform will be produced with the same quality as the last.

Easy Integration and Conversion

CAD system integration and custom file converters enable flexible, laser manufacturing from customer-provided data. Although many file types are accepted, the preferred file format is DXF. This CAD system integration, combined with Accumet’s inventory management system, stocking best-selling brands like 3M and more, means your design is easily and accurately converted to useable product within days. Additionally, our engineering staff will always create optimized sheet layouts to maximize part quantity on a sheet or roll, reducing your material cost.

A variety of preforms can be processed from an assortment of climate-controlled, stocked materials. Adhesives that require refrigeration will be shipped in special dry ice packaging.

What are the Benefits?

  • No material damage due to fixturing, as the laser uses a vacuum table to hold material down
  • No tool wear
  • High repeatability
  • Contactless cutting for highest quality edges
  • Highly precise and detailed cuts are possible
  • Easy handling and removal of the cut parts for increased yield


Accumet – A Pioneer of Laser Machining

Accumet is an industry-leading advanced processing manufacturer for new and legacy materials. We not only offer some of the most innovative manufacturing techniques—we invented them. Back in 1970, we pioneered a variety of proven techniques for laser cutting that have become industry standards today. Our highly skilled team of production experts operate the most advanced manufacturing equipment to produce quality products that meet and exceed the critical delivery schedules expected by customers in many different vertical markets. 

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