Accumet Takes Laser Inspection to Next Level with Virtek® LaserQC® Solution

Posted on Tuesday, March 19, 2024

Investment in Precision Laser Inspection System Boosts Bottom-Line Benefits for Critical Industry Sectors

Accumet is excited to announce our latest investment in quality inspection and measurement: the Virtek LaserQC, a cutting-edge laser inspection system that redefines production quality control for advanced manufacturing.

This investment underscores Accumet's unwavering dedication to technical excellence and empowers our highly skilled team to QA production using superfast scanning accuracy that captures more than 500 data points per second with tolerances as tight as 0.05mm (0.002 in) for large multi-dimensional sheet metals, parts, and many other materials.

Proven Expertise Meets Cutting-Edge Technology

Accumet has been an industry leader in advanced process manufacturing for new and legacy materials fabrication, precision laser services, lapping and polishing, large parts, and critical component assembly for over 50 years.

Our team pioneered some of the most innovative manufacturing techniques for lapping, polishing, diamond sawing, laser drilling, cutting, rotary marking, ablation, and welding. Many of the techniques we developed are de facto industry standards today. Our desire to continuously make quality improvements and deliver with faster turnaround times was at the heart of our decision to purchase the Virtek LaserQC.

Accumet Delivers Laser Fast Unmatched Consistency Right on the Shop Floor

Armed with the Virtek LaserQC, we are set to exceed the already high standard that our clients have come to expect from us. On an annual basis, Accumet has shipped millions of parts and achieved less than 2% in defects, placing us well above industry standards. This self-calibrating system enables Accumet to seamlessly inspect sheet metal and gasket fabrication, accurately measuring two-dimensional parts within 0.05mm and three-dimensional parts within 0.25mm.

With a more rapid inspection and enhanced calibration features, we can minimize scrap work, reduce costs per part, and further instill confidence in the customers who rely on Accumet for reliability and consistency every time. Plus, we've been able to dramatically increase throughput in precision sheet metal, precision foam, leather, aerospace and gasket fabrication, and other materials to handle even more large-scale production demands.

Accumet Delivers Real Bottom-Line Benefits to Customers

"Our new laser inspection capability contributes to us delivering the kind of bottom-line benefits that help our customers win and retain business," says Wayne, GM of Accumet. "Faster turnaround, lower costs per part, and better quality ultimately lead to higher customer satisfaction, which is our top priority."

Whether you require small or large-scale production runs or intricate or large parts fabrication, Accumet has the expertise and technology to meet your needs, including secondary processing capabilities like packaging. We tailor our manufacturing services for diverse project needs, from engineering support for material selection and prototyping to design-for-manufacturability.

Come Partner with Accumet for Unmatched Manufacturing Excellence

If you're ready to streamline your supply chain and achieve unmatched precision and quality - contact us. We'll help you discover the advantages of working with our engineering support team and advanced manufacturing experts. We can help you:

  • Reduce lead times and boost your production efficiency
  • Minimize waste and rework, saving you time and money
  • Ensure defect-free parts that meet your highest standards

Gain a competitive edge with a reliable, streamlined supply chain manufacturing partner. Contact Accumet to learn more.


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