Accumet Invests in New QA Equipment and AS9100 Quality Certification

Posted on Monday, June 29, 2020
Accumet Invests in New QA Equipment and AS9100 Quality Certification

Accumet Engineering, Inc. is proud to announce its recent investment in new QA equipment and continuing commitment to AS9100 certification. Thanks to these measures, Accumet is more than ever a suitable advanced manufacturer for the aerospace; medical; and land, sea and air defense sectors. In line with its ongoing mission of technical excellence, the company has immediately put this new equipment to use. It is the pursuit of excellence in the production of top-quality products and services that our customers depend upon as we work together to process customer-supplied material or deliver small and large orders from our vast inventory. 

As an industry leader for over 50 years, Accumet has successfully used traditional measurement systems for decades. However, with ever-tightening tolerances becoming the new norm, Accumet believes in continually investing in new manufacturing technology and new process controls when it will advance the company’s capabilities and benefit its customers. Accumet’s recent purchase of the Keyence Wide-Area 3D Measurement VR-5000 Series and the Keyence IM-7000 Image Dimension Measurement Systems enables faster, easier and more consistent measurement of even the most demanding designs.

Equipped with the precision of the new Keyence quality measurement systems, Accumet can now test the quality of its work for smaller laser jobs and holes and measure height/flatness, form/contour, diameter, length and surface roughness in one second. “These inspection stations can be configured to precise measurement settings with the click of a button, thereby eliminating measurement errors and any variability between inspectors,” said Greg Sexton, CEO of Accumet. “Plus, our commitment to offering our customers top quality product, consistently, on time is at the heart of everything we do.” The renewal and completion of the AS9100 certification process to cover both manufacturing facilities showcases this commitment. “Achieving our AS9100 certification renewal is very important to us and our customers because it confirms we adhere to the strictest quality standards put in place by the aerospace industry in order to satisfy FAA, NASA and the DOD,” added Sexton.

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