Handling Tips for Frozen Epoxy Pre-Forms

Posted on Friday, May 30, 2014
Handling Tips for Frozen Epoxy Pre-Forms

Accumet stocks and delivers a variety of high-performance frozen epoxies from Ablestik™, Emerson & Cuming, and Henkel. The most popular frozen epoxy we work with is Ablestik’s Ablefilm® 5025E – a silver-filled, unsupported epoxy adhesive-film designed to provide very thin, uniformed bond lines. These high-performance epoxies are kept in stock, and laser cut and drilled while still frozen, ensuring the tightest tolerances can be met while also maintaining integrity.


The product is shipped overnight in coolers with ice packs but must be handled and stored appropriately on the factory floor. Proper handling of frozen epoxies ensures material integrity and proper adhesion.

Storage, Handling, and Thawing

These epoxies must be stored in their unopened containers in a dry location. Optimal storage temperature is 5°C and the product can be stored for up to six months at this temperature; storage below or above 5°C can adversely affect the product properties.

The product must be handled carefully, avoiding any stretching or flexing when frozen. It is recommended that at least one sheet of release paper be kept attached during handling. It is also recommended that the film be thawed to room temperature in its original packaging; recommended thawing time is six hours minimum at +5°-25°C.


Optimum results occur when specific product instructions are followed. In short: 1) The bonding surface must be heated to approximately 45°C. 2) Then the release paper is removed from one side of the adhesive film and film applied to one of the bonding surfaces. 3) Trapped air is removed by pressing on the surface, and the device is cooled to room temperature. 4) Next, the release paper from the other side of the film is removed and the remaining adhere end attached. 5) A clamp is applied to provide continuous pressure of 2 to 10 psi during the cure cycle, and it is then placed in a preheated oven and cured at the recommended cure schedule.

Ablefilm 5025E is available in thicknesses from 2 mils to 4 mils, in sheet stock or die cut preforms. This product is not recommended for use on bare aluminum surfaces.

We hope this brief introduction to the product, its uses, and some simple guidelines will aid you in getting the best performance from your Ablefilm 5025 frozen epoxies.

Please contact our technical support team for additional information.

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