5025E Henkel Loctite Ablestik Ablefilm EpoxyFrozen Epoxy

5025E Henkel | Loctite Ablestik (aka Ablefilm) Frozen Epoxy Preforms

Ablestik (aka Ablefilm 5025e) epoxy by Henkel/ | Loctite is the best known epoxy for use as frozen preforms used in microwave and heat sink applications, and for bonding microwave substrates into packages. It's best known for providing optimal RF/EMI shielding and for offering high thermal conductivity when bonding devices onto heat sinks where electrical insulation might otherwise not be required. It's a silver-filled, unsupported adhesive film designed to provide ultra-thin and uniform bond lines which aids in acceptance by designers and technicians in a various RF/microwave and electronics applications.

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  • Electrically conductive
  • Good electrical properties
Thicknesses Available CuringShelf Life - Typical SL @ 50% from NotedThermal Conductivity
.002heat cured 1/2 hour @150°C6 month maintained at 5°C121°C, W/mk = 6.5

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