Materials and Specs

Materials and Specifications Overview

These materials are the ones we process most often. And alumina 96% is by far the most popular. Accumet stocks these materials and will lap, polish, and/or laser or diamond cut them for you to meet your scheduled delivery requirements.

• Alumina 96%

• Alumina +99%

• Beryllium Oxide, BeO

• Aluminum Nitride, AlN

We also stock and process:

• Fused Silica

• Tungsten Carbide

• Garrolite

• and much more

The reason alumina +99% might be your best option, is that it offers a superior surface for fabricating thin-film circuitry. On the other hand, where high-heat conductivity is required, designers may choose the costlier and environmentally unfriendly beryllium oxide (BeO). Alternatively, aluminum nitride (AlN), which offers slightly less heat conductivity than BeO, is much easier to gain approval of, is simple to handle, and provides medium-grade performance attributes that meet the requirements of many applications.

Note: In addition to your main substrate material, you need also take into consideration your surface or embedded material choices. These materials can complicate fabrication, adding unplanned processing time and expense. Surface metals, for example, tend to reflect laser energy and can possibly cause slight changes in a laser’s kerf, if/when you laser process your completed circuits. The laser can also cause the metals on the backside of the substrate to melt, meld and bead. Glass also tends to chip when laser cut, especially on the exit side of the laser beam. And polymers may melt when the laser beam gets within 0.005" of them. Conclusion: Think before you laser, and consult an expert for optimal results.

To learn more, submit your material processing questions to our technical support team.


Tech Brief Describes the Process of Lapping and Polishing Ceramic Substrates

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