What are the benefits of cutting aluminum foil with a laser?

Posted on Tuesday, May 10, 2022

One of the fastest and most repeatable metal cutting methods is to cut with an industrial laser. Lasers quickly make precise cuts, even when working with the smallest and most intricate pieces. By highly focusing its beam and reducing its spot size, the laser becomes a sharp cutting tool. A typical cut width of .003” make lasers ideal cutting small features. This small kerf allows close nesting of parts which maximizes material usage. In addition, materials may be heat treated after cutting without the distortion that can occur with the grinding and reforming usually needed after processing by other methods. Edges come out clean and corners are defined. What's more, the entire process is contactless and faster than any other cutting system. There is no pressure on the foil or?film to cause creasing or surface defects. Also, materials may be heat treated after laser cutting without experiencing the distortion that may occur because of grinding or reforming that is typically required after cutting by traditional methods such as die cutting or stamping. Another benefit with laser cutting is that multilayer foils and films are processed much faster. You can use the laser to cut several layers, such as support films, adhesive films and cover films, in a single step.


  • Simply put, the laser cutting process checks off all the boxes when it comes to machining foils
  • It is highly repeatable, fast, and provides excellent edge quality
  • It allows for precision cutting of fine details and small holes, as there is no contact made between the laser and the material
  • There is absolutely no tool wear thereby providing consistent, high quality cut edges
  • Laser cutting is less expensive than the other methods, especially chemical etching
  • Laser cutting does not bear additional environmental costs or concerns that goes hand in hand with the chemical etching process.
  • There are no tooling charges or other high, up-front costs for custom jobs


Can lasers mark aluminum foil?

Yes! In fact, Laser marking on foils has completely replaced screen printing and painting in many applications. A non-contact process means no material defects are created by the laser. Laser marking foils gives you precise control over the etch depth, size of characters, width of engraved lines and improves the definition of edges and corners. All this adds up to an enhanced, tightly controlled appearance and a significant boost in productivity. Serial numbers, part numbers, bar codes or QR codes are all possible with lasers. Accumet is happy to provide the material or process customer-supplied materials.


Where are Metal Foils Used?

Foils have a wide range of applications: consumer electronics (mobile phones, notebook computers, video cameras, digital cameras), power tools, hybrid vehicles, energy generation, lithium-ion batteries, heat exchangers, capacitors, transformers, micro-electronics, medical technology, and flexible printed circuit boards. Recently, the Electronic Vehicle market is consuming aluminum foil at a rapid pace. The cathode foil in the power battery for new energy vehicles is processed by high grade aluminum foil. Aluminum foil is ideal for this application as the car needs to be as light as possible. Batteries made with aluminum foil have high voltage and capacity and are highly efficient.


Why Accumet?

Not only can Accumet laser cut foils with the utmost precision, Accumet is also skilled in handling these very delicate materials. The handling of these foils is a key element in delivering quality product and is not something to be taken lightly. Accumet has the equipment and the experience in processing thin foils and metal such as Tin, Nickel, Silver, Copper, Hastelloy, Invar, Inconel, Titanium, Nitinol, stainless steel, plastic, solder foils, and many more. From prototyping to long-term design-for-manufacturability of your project, we will support you every step of the way. Having been in business for over 50 years, Accumet is a pioneer in the laser industry and understands the importance of repeatedly providing quality product to our valued customers. Our laser-focused commitment to technical excellence, customer service, quality product, and on-time delivery is how we have maintained our top standing as the most innovative, advanced materials processing manufacturer over the last five decades. We operate as a trusted engineering partner to help you design an exceptional product for manufacturing repeatability and long-term reliability. In addition, we can create a flexible inventory plan for quick turnaround times or, we will simply machine inventory provided to Accumet. It's all part of our commitment to be more than just a vendor. We offer partnership, excellent service, and a commitment to our customers' success.


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