Tech Brief Offers DFM tips for Optimizing Hermetic Seals

Posted on Monday, May 06, 2019
Tech Briefs Offers DFM tips for Optimizing Hermetic Seals

Our new tech brief "5 Keys to Perfecting Hermetic Seals with Laser Welding" offers DFM tips for optimizing Hermetic Seals.

Hermetic seals are used throughout the high-tech industry to provide maximum packaged protection from environmental elements that can reduce the reliability and required lifetime of critical electronics. Laser welded (or laser fusion welded) hermetic seals are the certified method governed by many military and aerospace quality and reliability standards (MIL-STDs). Devices designed to (or near to) these standards, include those found in the space, aerospace, military, high-power, high-frequency, science/research, and medical device markets, where maintaining a near absolute barrier between the electronics and outside conditions is necessary. There are many types of hermetic seals and packaging materials a designer can choose from. Fusion welding hermetic seals with lasers has become the leading solution for applications that require complex, mixed material, and/or precise and fast sealing.

Though fusion welding can be performed by a variety of means, laser fusion welding your hermetic seals offers the most confidence and a variety of benefits. These include: tighter tolerances, three different joint-type options, and flexibility that can enable new geometries and material use.

Download our technical brief and learn the five keys to consider when hermetic sealing via laser welding.

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