Accumet Adds High Power Fiber Guided Laser for Thicker/Denser Metals and Materials

Posted on Tuesday, February 07, 2017

“We’re responding to customer demand to cut, drill, weld, and mark a wider range of thicker, denser, and more diverse metals and materials than ever before,” said Greg Sexton, President of Accumet, “Our new fiber-guided laser has an incredibly focused beam and ultra-precise motion for advanced processing needs. And the table we had them customize handles sheets up to 10 feet.”

The specific features of the new 2 kW YAG laser include: greater beam power for cutting highly reflective, non-ferrous materials such as copper and aluminum up to a 1/4 inch thick; hole drilling as small as 8 mils; higher power efficiency for cooler operation; fewer moving parts and simpler solid state construction for reduced downtime; fiber-guided positioning to allow for finer, less variable cut lines; less beam variability for higher yields; deeper/stronger welds for reliability; greater range of motion and beam articulation for handling larger sheets and more complex patterns.

Various shapes and sizes of stainless steel can also now be manufactured, including coils and springs. And welds can now be made in surgical tools that are so flawless, very little post production processing, such as buffing and polishing, is required.

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