Tech Brief Describes Eight Benefits of Laser Machining Medical Tools and Devices

Posted on Wednesday, May 01, 2019

With an aging global population and a surge of innovative new healthcare related technologies, it is no surprise that the medical device and tooling industry is expanding rapidly, and competition is increasing. The latest in medical tool and device designs, such as sensors, tubes, and surgical tools and devices, are now demanding levels of precision that are forcing manufacturers to leverage new fabrication techniques and technologies. Market conditions are also driving the need to lower costs while increasing reliability and repeatability. Hence, many manufacturers are turning to laser machining to meet the various process steps such as the cutting, drilling, marking, etching, and welding common and uncommon metals, substrates, adhesives, and circuits.

Prepared for technical design professionals in the medical tooling and device manufacturing business, this technical brief aims to provide insights into laser machining for interested technical professionals and organizations looking into laser processing services for their evolving requirements. 


To learn more, download our tech brief, "Eight Benefits of Laser Machining to Designers of Advanced Medical Tools and Devices."

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