Employee Spotlight: Michael DiBona, Production Manager

Posted on Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Meet Michael DiBona, Production Manager
At Accumet, we work together as a team with equal measures of collaboration and camaraderie to accelerate the manufacturing process for our clients. We focus heavily on sharing our expertise to improve processes and keep people united on a common path towards excellence. There’s a lot of forethought and fine-tuning involved in everything we do to make it easy for our customers to partner with us for their manufacturing needs.

Tell us about your role at Accumet?
My team and I closely monitor every single production job. We watch for adherence to customer standards and specifications as well as make sure each job is completed within the time allotted. Along with monitoring every job, we are also engaged in the ongoing training of our operators as well as recruiting new talent to join our team!

What drew you to Accumet originally and how has it changed since?
Being a former hospitality manager, I was drawn to Accumet’s fast paced evironment and ever-changing responsibilities that are determined by customer driven needs and expedited service priorities. I think the biggest change I’ve seen during my tenure has been our increasing focus on strong communication and precise planning well ahead of time of a job actually running. We make sure that everyone involved with production understands exactly what the customer is asking, and we confirm that all of the ancillary tools and fixturings required are available for production to complete the job.

What has been the most important innovation at Accumet that you have witnessed?
I think the most important innovation happens every single day. We constantly see requests for new materials, new applications and tighter tolerances from our customers. We innovate every day and apply our process and materials expertise to figure out exactly how to complete every job correctly and on time to meet our customers' specifications and deadlines.

Describe some of your favorite projects completed at Accumet? Or proudest moment.
I don’t think I have one favorite project. I am always fascinated with how small and how precise a part can be created by a laser. I love the medical parts we create such as prosthetic tibias and collar bones. I find all of the unique devices we make for knee replacement surgery incredibly interesting as well.

What does a typical day look like for you?
For me, every day is a little bit different depending on what jobs are running that day. Typically, at the start of my day I meet with the scheduling group to review the deliverable jobs for the day, and review the schedule to identify who will run them. We review potential operational issues to avoid them ahead of time, and then meet with the sales team to reconfirm the day’s priorities. And then we’re off and running!  From there, it’s just working the floor with my team, and assuring that everything is running smoothly.

What does true leadership mean to you?
True leadership is helping the people around you and encouraging them to flourish and grow. It’s working with people, planning the process, and then being able to execute the plan correctly. It’s being able to make critical adjustments to a day, and having your team believe in you enough to roll with the changes. Leadership is being able to bring a day to a close with quality jobs complete and employees happy.

If you could meet anyone living or dead who would it be?
Julia Child. I grew up watching her show on PBS. I worked in restaurants for over 20 years and food and cooking has always been a passion of mine. I’d love to meet her, cook with her and share a meal.

What's the best thing about Accumet?
It’ll sound corny, but the best thing about Accumet is the people. I couldn’t get through a day without everyone’s help and support, and I absolutely couldn’t change my career the way that I did without some great and patient people teaching me.

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