Laser Machining and Processing Service

Laser Machining and Processing Service

Machining and Drilling

Accumet can provide customers with laser-drilled or laser-machined thick/thin film or as-fired substrates. This eliminates the need to purchase substrates from one source and have them laser processed by another. Substrates can be laser drilled, scribed, or cut to customer specification. Typical of the attainable laser-machining tolerances – hole diameter as small as .005'' – can be drilled with diametrical tolerances as close as +/-0.001''.

Of particular significance, Accumet laps/polishes substrates again after laser machining to eliminate all surface slag and laser-hole entrance/exit slag (upon request). Loose slag on the interior hole is also reduced during the lapping/polishing operations. The extra manufacturing steps taken by Accumet ensure you the user, better adhesion, and higher circuit yields.

Edge Grinding/Finishing

This process prepares surfaces for additional processing and smooths and/or roughens surfaces to meet finishing requirements. This machining technique refines a substrate to exact dimensions and tolerances for optimal circuit metallization during both thick and thin film technology procedures. Because the “as-fired”, or as delivered, condition of ceramic, fused silica, or titanate substrates are most often imperfect (wavy, pitted, bumpy, varied in thickness), one or more of these processes is employed to create the exact parallelism, camber, thickness, and surface finish needed.

Laser Cutting

Accumet's sister company, Laser Services, augments our cutting capabilities with a fully-equipped facility and staff of laser-cutting professionals who are ready to take on the most demanding laser-machining projects. In addition to straight cutting flat sheets of ceramic alumina substrates our lasers include rotary axes to easily process stainless steel and plastic tubes, pipes, spheres and cylinders.

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All Rights Reserved.
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