Tech Brief Is A Pre-Metallization Guide to Lapping and Polishing Ceramic Substrates

Resources from December 7, 2017

Lapping, polishing, and grinding are machining techniques that refine a substrate to exact dimensions and tolerances for optimal circuit metallization during both thick and thin film technology procedures.

Because the “as- fired”, or as delivered, condition of ceramic, fused silica, or titanate substrates are most often imperfect (wavy, pitted, bumpy, varied in thickness), one or more of these processes is employed to create the exact parallelism, camber, thickness, and surface finish needed.

Designers working in high power, and/or high frequency microwave applications, for example, require their ceramic substrates to be consistently reliable and repeatable to meet the quality standards of their scrutinizing instrumentation, test and measurement, commercial communications, military radar, and aerospace customers.

To do so, an optimal base substrate is key. In this brief our primary focus will be on lapping and polishing ceramic substrates.

Download the full brief here.