Accumet’s Enhanced Management and Quality Structure Ensure On-Time Delivery and Greater Machining Capability

Announcement from April 19, 2017


Accumet Engineering, a foundational leader in ultra-precision and repeatable polishing, lapping, and machining of a wide variety of industrial materials, including ceramics, carbide, and metals, is announcing the growth and success achieved by Accumet’s new management. Building on Accumet’s legacy of being the first company to precision polish and lap high-technology ceramic substrates for microelectronics and RF/microwave applications, Accumet’s new management is further enhancing this expertise with investment in improved equipment and a focus on quality management and timely product fulfillment.

Committing to on-time delivery, quick turnaround response, and unparalleled customer service, Accumet’s new management has activated many initiatives to demonstrate the new potential of the organization. Seeing the need for one-stop precision substrate machining, Accumet has extended its capabilities to high performance laser machining. These new capabilities extend beyond simple scribing. Accumet can now provide more extensive laser services including complex shapes, multitudes of vias, and post-processing.

With superior infrastructure based on a highly skilled workforce that is specially trained with a premier MRP system, Accumet has improved their business practices in order to deliver higher quality service to their loyal customers. Accumet has qualified for ISO 9001:2015 with greater attention to addressing of risk, leading the industry in quality management practices. ITAR certification is another component of Accumet’s wide range of product and service capabilities, which enables a greater scope of applications that can benefit from the quality and legacy of Accumet’s ultra-precision processing of rugged materials.

“As a business owner, I recognized the huge potential in acquiring Accumet. A long-standing customer myself, I have always appreciated their history, high standards of quality, and exemplary customer service. From day one, my objective has always been to invest in Accumet’s future, thereby taking the company to the next level. My first initiative was to update the quality certification to the highest standard of ISO 9001:2015 as well as acquiring ITAR certification. Further enhancements to our MRP system have provided improvements to our turnaround times and manufacturing efficiencies. Accumet is not only existing, it is thriving. Thanks to a newly formed, stellar management team, and a solid growth strategy, we continually push ourselves to maintain our standing as the foremost industry leader.” – Gregory J Sexton, President of Accumet.

Focusing on an ever-increasing benchmark of quality, Accumet is gearing its services and business practices to better serve long-term loyal customers and win new business. Featuring quick turn-around orders and common materials always in stock, Accumet is committing to be the best resource of the highest precision, consistency, and repeatable substrates that fit any industries standards, at or exceeding customer requirements.